Call for Editor-in-Chief

  • 14 de agosto de 2021

Ernest Manheim Lab is seeking to recruit three Editors-in-Chief for theXP: The Journal of Experience, an ongoing fully Open Access Media Studies & Design journal to be released in the fourth quarter 2021. We are seeking a passionate academic in an early career with an international reputation for excellence in research.

Duties of editor in theXP:

  • Review some papers in your key research.
  • Promotion of theXP in your community.
  • Promotion of theXP in your area of influence.
  • Gather or Recommend high quality papers.

Eligibility for becoming a member of International Editors

The applicant must hold:

  1. Doctoral degree
  2. The applicant must have good experiences in his/her specific field of research.
  3. The applicants from industrial backgrounds with good exposure to technologies.
  4. Fluency in German, Spanish or English.

If you have interest in becoming the editor of theXP, send motivation letter (1 or 2 pages) to along with your curriculum vitae (CV).

Your name will be posted on the Editors’ list after the chairs are confirmed.
Remember, proofreading is the editor’s most important collaboration. This is an unpaid opportunity.

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